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About the Bot

Ultimate Embed Bot is a utility Discord Bot for making and sending quick embeds. It started out as a quick method for sending announcements to the owner's server (minecraftpr03#6052), but evolved into something much more that had fun commands and moderation commands. It was developed over about 6 months and still has occasional addition of commands.

The Story

It started out as something really complicated where there was one command to send a hard-coded embed. It was a real pain to send embed announcements, as they were used a lot in minecraftpr03's server. (minecraftpr03#6052 is the bot developer.) Then, the command was changed to go through all of the elements of the embed and ask the user for what they wanted in that part. That change took about a couple of hours to complete, especially because there were a lot of checks that needed to be made because invalid answers could be given at any time.

Shortly after, a color conversion calculator was added primarily to take in user input in the embed command and convert it to something that the Discord API could use, and those eventually were turned into their own commands for users to test their own colors before choosing what one they wanted in an embed.

minecraftpr03#6052 was currently watching a lot of Discord bot tutorials at the time, and wanted to make as many commands as possible to learn different aspects of Python and The next commands that were added were poll and suggestion commands, which were easy ways for server admins to ask questions to all the guild members.

The bot was still kind of bland, so a paginated help command for the bot's commands were added so that getting help on commands was easy and able to be read.

Using commands from an old test bot, meme and post commands were added to get any meme or post from any subreddit. At the same time, a joke command was added, along with a couple of other API commands like a random word command and a command to get facts from the current day (On This Day).

There were a lot of debug and tool commands added, but most of them were for the bot dev and kind of pointless so they aren't worth mentioning here ;)

After that, a large mass of math commands were added, including all basic operations and trig functions, and all variants of them, like inverses.

Moderation commands came after, including kick, ban, unban, mute, unmute, lock, unlock, and a few more to manage channels and categories.

Currently what is being worked on is sharding the bot so that it is ready for the 2,500 servers that requires sharding to run. More commands are always in development and on the way!

I hope you enjoy the bot and find it useful for your Discord server and that it makes your server a better place and more ergonomic.